Management Consulting

Establishing and optimizing operation systems with not only international standard tools but also expert team’s insights of business sectors.

Consulting subjects varies from auditing system, mapping strategy, managing performance and competency, building and managing payment system, improving production environment, cutting jobs, reducing overall production costs, managing quality to establishing ERP blueprint.

Research & Supporting

Supporting Vietnamese enterprises to enter Japan market. Providing services to Japanese SMEs in market research, investment survey, establishing supply chains and operating factories in Vietnam. Promoting on-going trade between Vietnam and Japan. Organizing specialized conferences.

Training & Coaching

Training Breakthrough Thinking. Performing training programs and advise long-term mentoring to enhance field improvement, leadership and management abilities. Trainging and coaching subjects focus on developing management capabilities, customer services, problem solving, quality management and production management.

Who is IMT?

Institute of Management and Technology promotion (IMT) is a private Institute for research, consulting and training in Operational Excellence field. IMT established in January, 2005 as a nonprofit-oriented institution. Operating Licence 112/ĐK-KHCN.

12 years and counting, we have executed successfully numerous consulting and research projects for clients in various industries: manufacturing, construction, processing, F&B... Our consulting services of cover all aspect from strategy to operations, including strategic performance management SPM, organization development OD, managing comprehensive manufacturing cost with MFCA, industrial engineering IE, Breakthrough Thinking.

The Reason For Our Establishment

A nation is considered established once it maintains a powerful entrepreneur force. In emerging markets, lacking the ability to operate effectively is the critical source of entrepreneur problems.

That is why IMT takes our mission as to bring optimized performance to entrepreneurs by providing world-class consulting services and development of human talent efforts.


Strategic Performance Management

Our SPM services including Corporate Performance assessment, internal and external environment Analysis, Strategies map, strategies map and KPIs alignment to bring strategy into actions, strategy implementation and control support.

We also provides Competence Management services: develop generic, technical, leadership competency Analysis and Framework, manage behavior change through Code of Conduct and organizational culture values alignment.

Manufacturing Optimization

Our solutions for manufacturing optimization ranging from developing customized models to measure waste in materials, utilities, system, waste treatment using MFCA; optimizing man-work and machinery operation using layout analysis, movement analysis, time observation and man-machine coordination techniques; adopting Line Balancing Analysis (LBA) to accomplish good operation.

To meet our client’s need to improve quality and time delivery, reduce inventory and cost, we provide services such as: setting pull systems (kanban) and systems that prevent errors automatically, area for single product manufacturing flow, improve maintenance and machinery productivity.

Breakthrough Thinking

IMT is authorized as the official Breakthrough Thinking Center in Vietnam to provide training and development programs.
Breakthrough Thinking is a pattern of thinking developed over the last 50 years by Prof. Gerald Nadler (USA) and Prof. Shozo Hibino (Japan).

Breakthrough Thinking opens a new approach to plan for the future and fully resolve problems by reorienting people’s thinking for the benefit of the problem’s objectives, unity and system. The tool has been widely used in IBM, AIA, NEC, NTT, Canon, Toyota, Denso, Matsushita, Araco, American International Group, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, TOTO, Sumitomo, ABB, JVC, Nissan, Glico.

Organization Development

Establishing organization development programs to improve human resources competency so that it compliments the strategic requirements. The programs ranging from management competency assessment with 360 degree feeback to professional development planning, staff training schedule, management ability development, talent and creative abilities retain/development architecture design as well as "change settings" planning.

Clients who experienced our management consulting services