IMT Management consulting projects

We are honored to serve the following clients

Plastic - packaging industry

Duy Tan Plastic JSC

Performed analysis of raw materials consumption, utility costs and expenses in the current plastic bottles manufacturing system. Utilized analytical methods for the plant layout, mileage, worker movements, human-machine collaboration to deliver solutions that cut costs.

Tan Tien Plastic Packaging JSC (HOSE: TTP)

Analyzed issues of quality management and quality production from customer/end-user perspectives, designed standard forms program, adopted various quality management tools and coaching on implementation.

New Asia Industries

Trained Kaizen, 5S techniques for New Asia Industries - a member of SCG Thailand. Coaching on the field.

Binh Minh Plastic JSC (HOSE: BMP)

Trained techniques of manufacturing site improvement to create good manufacturing platform, guideed improvement programs for the entire management force ranging from leaders to plant managers. Sent board members to the HIDA/AOTS Scholarship programs for professional training in Japan.

Construction - materials industry

Foundation Engineering & Underground Construction FECON (HOSE: FCN)

Redesigned the Organization System structure, developed functions and tasks description, Job Description, established Payment System with world-class method, Strategic Map, Performance Management system with KPIs and Competency management, Code of Conduct.

Searefico Engineering JSC (HNX: SRF)

Trained and coached Lean Office, 5S and Workplace Safety at the site, trained Project Management PMBOK.

Dong Tam JSC

Sent board members joined the HIDA/AOTS Scholarship programs for professional training in Japan.

Industrial Production industry

Cau Tre Export Goods Processing JSC

Standardized Job Descriptions, restructured Organization System with international standards, developed Strategic Map and Competency Dictionary. Coaching 5S implementation and maintenance in the field.

Towa Industry VN Ltd.

Breakthrough Thinking Training for all staffs.

Lidovit Industrial & Commercial JSC

Coaching implementing production management and cut costs techniques.

SACOM Investment & Development JSC

Standardized organization structure, Job Descriptions for 84 positions, built payment system with the international standards applied in the parent company and the subsidiaries. Consulted an analysis of material flow management with MFCA, 5S, ...

Saigon Industry Corporation (CNS)

Trained and coached MFCA for the entire company member (TIE - District 10 electronic companies, electric fans Asia, Ben Thanh Tobacco, ...)

Bao Thach Medical Equipment JSC

Trained working environment improvements in manufacturing with 5S. Bao Thach is the leading company in the medical accessories market in Vietnam.

Asia Refrigeration Industry Co., Ltd.

Coached 5S implementation for the office area, introduced MFCA, trained staffs about production management ...


Nikkei Business Publications

Nikkei Business Publications is the leading newspaper of Japan in the field of economic information. IMT has been cooperating with Nikkei in conferences covering management practices such as Monozukuri (a Japanese manufacture method) in various industries: automotive, electronics; smart cities ...

Food - processing industry

Cau Tre Export Goods Processing JSC

Executed projects to increase productivity through schematic factory mm takt-time measurement and removed movements not creating added value. The results are 1/3 reduction of workers in packaging stages, 18% raised productivity in bottleneck stages.

GreenFeed JSC Vietnam

Provided quick diagnosis to improve the effective time of production systems characterized with large machinery, improved maintenance. Guided the company to achieve additional 185 hours of effective machinery operation every month. Trained the factory system in Vietnam and Cambodia about project management, 5S, MFCA,...

Vietnam Meat Industries Limited Company (VISSAN)

Consulted job cuts and production processes improvement with Line Balancing techniques to increase 2% gross profit and reduce ~100 workers within 1 month.

Agrex Saigon Foodstuffs JSC

Introduced material flow management tool, sent Japanese interns, sent Production Management staff to professional development programs in Japan.

Anco Family Food (AFF)

Provided guidelines to apply MFCA to reduce waste general from 6.5% to 2.3%, trained staff on production management techniques.

Bibica Corporation (HOSE: BBC)

Executed re-establishment and maintenance program of 5S standards in factories, implemented Diagnosis in manufacturing to detect raw materials consumption, utilities cost and system costs, analyzed operational performance indicators OEE.

Trade - FMCG

Phuong Nam Cultural JSC (PNC)

Breakthrough Thinking Training for all key staff of the company.

Khanh Hoi Cigarette Company

Executed material flow cost analysis and monitored the implementation phases of 03 months for 02 factories. By the analysis results, the company has reduced cost by billions of VNĐ.

Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage JSC (SABECO)

Introduced MFCA tools for key staffs.

Textiles & Leather

TBS Group (Pacific Shoes)

Trained production management and cut costs techniques using MFCA, implemented quick factory and HR diagnosis (employee satisfaction, career development path, ...)


A Japanese-styled restaurant chain

Developed vision, mission, core values, management architecture, strategy, cascaded KPIs, job structure, C&B system, quality management, market research, management/operation/support processes

Tokyo Deli (Restaurant Chain)

Researched cultural awareness using OCAI theory model - Organization Culture Assessment Instrument. Implemented Gap Analysis, proposed cultural adjustment solutions to fit the company's strategy.

Local Government

Ho Chi Minh City - District 1 Commissioner County

Trained Breakthrough Thinking for more than 350 management officers. Trained and coached 20 officers to become internal Breakthrough Thinking trainers. Supported to develop the mission, vision, core values for CBD - Central Business District.